free: The 7th Guest for iOS

For my old-school gamers out there or just those that appreciate the earlier generations of computer puzzle games, The 7th Guest from Trilobyte Games is free for iPhone and iPad today only (5/1/2012).

“Welcome to my … house!” Old Man Stauf built a house and filled it with his toys. Six guests were invited one night, their screams the only noise…

In the world of The 7th Guest, you are an active and mysterious entity known only as “Ego”. Your role, identity and purpose is not known or explained, rather, it is experienced as a seamlessly integral part of the total environment that is the Stauf mansion. Because you are looking out from within, you cannot see yourself, but your inner spirit has a voice. Listen to it.

The house of The 7th Guest is filled with 19 devilishly clever puzzles that will test your wits and scare you out of them as well. To complete the game you must solve every puzzle in the house – only then will the secrets of the madman Henry Stauf be revealed to you.

The 7th Guest, full of logic puzzles with a horror/mystery themed story was hugely popular in its day.

While its graphics and gameplay would pale next to today’s masterpieces, anyone with a fondness for the games that set the stage for what we play now. Fair warning, the game is over 600MB, so you’ll want to be on wi-fi or at home to download it, but I’ll enjoy seeing those old puzzles once again and probably being frustrated by the ones whose solutions I can’t recall.

But just to make sure I get something done today, I’ll download it and set it aside until the commute home. :mrgreen:

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