comics: Insufferable

As established as the comic book superhero archetypes are, it’s always fun to read titles that poke fun at the long-standing institutions that we now accept without question. An all-powerful super-being from another world? A crimefighter with no super-powers that keeps himself trained at peak mental and physical condition… with a sidekick? They’re so common that if a new comic company came out with a set of titles that didn’t include these archetypes in even some small way, it would seem weird.

But even more fun than homages are takedowns, mostly because we’ve seen the characters done to death, whether they’re the originals that were old when we were young–and are now young when we’re old …er–or copies from someone other than the big two publishing houses. Insufferable from Thrillbent presents the very familiar “dynamic duo” trope with a twist. Volumes One & Two are available to read or download online (Vol. 2 below).

Enjoy and TGIF!! :mrgreen:

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