Captain Obvious is about to put Captain Gaydar out of a job this week:

CupGate: SG-1Well um, “duh” to the both of those. And Lance is dating Reichen Lehmkuhl — I never liked him much before, but I really hate him now.

Not news but still cute and geeky: CupGate: SG-1

Today’s pet-peeve: people that are completely unaware of their surroundings… People stopping after getting off a metro escalator. Those who are walking along at a fast clip in a crowd of people and suddenly stop, thereby causing a people-traffic jam. People who get on a full elevator last, while going to the top floor, and either don’t feel it necessary to get out of other people’s way for their floors or don’t seem to realize that traveling one floor doesn’t feel the same as traveling 10 floors and try to get out at every floor only to have to hop back in, holding everyone up. And don’t get me started on the hoverers at the Starbucks counter…

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  1. Danno says:

    Ohh yes all of the above and people who hold a conversation in the middle of a busy pavement and dont budge for crowds of people falling into the road trying to squeeze by while they talk about their new wallpaper or their kids school report with friends they live opposite but have accidentally bumped into in town!!!

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