words: “its all on how u look at it”

I attended a Super Bowl party last night, but it was more about the people, food and drinks. The game was certainly on, but aside from glancing up every now and again to look at the score, I wasn’t really tracking it or the commercials. This morning, I did start to watch them between tasks and checked out the Coca-Cola ad as I saw there was some murmuring about it on social media–not all of it good.


The ad itself was very cute and reminiscent of their 1971 “Hilltop” commercial and according to GLAAD is the first Super Bowl ad to feature a gay family, as two dads are shown roller skating with their daughter.

But I broke my rule… I read the comments. And while on YouTube, there were many comments calling out various perceived slights, it was this comment thread that most caught my eye, snippets follow.

GS: i love how the racist faggots are getting mad…news flash dumb ass..YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT YOUR DAMN SELF!!

» ED: I love how you go on a tirade against racists. New flash: the term “faggots” is equally if not more ignorant/offensive.

» » GS: i made no remark to no gay person in this group..the word “faggot” was used WAY before it was used on gays..its just isn’t a discrimination against homosexuals..read a damn book SMH its all on how u look at it..if i say faggot,and im not talking about anyone gay,then common sense would tell u im not saying it in regards to anyone being gay..look at the many definitions of faggot,and you will see why i said it..if they feel i offended someone with that..then that is on them..they can feel how they want,because they choose to look at it like that

The logic is astounding: If I use a slur, but I’m not targeting anyone whom that slur is regularly used for, then I must not mean it as a slur but as a plain ol’ insult! — I think we already covered this with the “That’s so gay.” conversation. And the other tactic of people who just can’t stop themselves using words that hurt others, “look up the definition” because obviously a strong knowledge of etymology keeps words from being hurtful, gotcha. 😉

Still, it was a cute ad and it got people talking, even if many of those people are just showing their true colors–and they ain’t red, white and blue.

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