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“Do not push me.”

Is it me, or does this progression of spam comments submitted to my blog sound like a set of dating site messages gone very wrong?


comment: the value of fascination

If I’m ever going to wade into the comment section and respond to a potentially ill-informed or inflammatory comment, I hope I have the class and patience of Robert McNees. I can't not respond to this kind of comment. http://t.co/Ft4t0Dztzl...


words: “its all on how u look at it”

I attended a Super Bowl party last night, but it was more about the people, food and drinks. The game was certainly on, but aside from glancing up every now and again to look at the score, I wasn’t really...


spam: ur (almost) doin it wrong

I’ve seen some pretty poorly done spam since moving to WordPress, but the following is about the most well-done I’m a real person and not a robot, I swear! spam comment I’ve gotten in a while: Not that I’m totally...


YouTube meets xkcd: … I’m a moron

This should totally be made mandatory. Not too long ago the wonderfully geeky and hilarious webcomic xkcd had a character writing a virus that would force YouTube commenters to listen to their own comments read back to them. One hopes...


on the subject of bloggers and commenters

I don’t watch “Root of All Evil” and have no plans to start, but I might have to keep catching the good snippets online. In general I’m noticing that a lot of the “bigger” blogs are starting to have more...


Dumbledore vs. Apple Store

It’s finally happened, my post about Dumbledore being a homo has garnered more interest than my post on the Apple Store’s dreadful customer service. I’m a little surprised at that, to be honest since the Apple Store post was linked...


so flexible I can kiss my own arse

For all the stress the office contains, I will take a moment to toot my own horn. It’s always the least important jobs that seem to mean the most to people around here. I turned around a document out of...