photos: in your skin

There’s a new apartment–or possibly condo, it gets hard to tell the difference–complex under construction near my office and while that’s hardly remarkable in DC, one of the choices for their conceptual stock photos… well, it certainly makes an impression.


Because that’s exactly what I do after a long stressful day at work. Come home, take my pants–and shoes, one assumes–off, but not my shirt or tie, and lie down on my extremely spartan, crooked bed in tighty-whiteys with the remote in my hand staring at the ceiling. Generally in my experience, this is about where the porn music starts and a man or woman’s hand starts creeping up from between his legs.

Be comfortable in your home. And in your skin.

That’s the kind of quote that makes you think twice about sitting on your friends’ furniture because you know they’ve likely been naked on it.


There’s a large version near the office, and someone has already done the inevitable and drawn a large crude boner over the undies. My co-worker said, “Well, sex sells!” And there’s really not much else I can add to that. :mrgreen:

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