Adventures in tidyland

Tonight continued my cleaning up with a brief break to make dinner, and unfortunately pay my cable and Internet bill since when I got home it was out. Stupid me, because it almost ruined my streak of having at least one entry every day and having at least one picture posted to flickr everyday.

Otherwise, it was a pretty slow news day. There was more reading of Bush’s failure on the Internet and other people who think Bush’s failed and for some reason I checked Fredo’s blog, and there were people protesting Judge Rehnquist’s funeral. Apparently God (and Phelps) not only hates fags, but also hates those judges that allow fags to remain here without being sent to concentration camps or something like that, I’m not really sure.

I’m so glad for the nice weather, and I’m looking forward to my party this Saturday with my friends. Especially the friends who don’t know other friends getting to meet those other friends and make new friends etc.

(I pray that trying to bump up the quantity of at least an entry every day isn’t going to cause them to come down and quality. They’re feeling less and less interesting lately, but I guess I’m waiting for something to really push my buttons)

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