video: I’M SORRY!!

There are days I just want to get a bullhorn and head to the roof of a building and shout out a modified version of Annie’s “I’m sorry!” speech from The First Wives Club… I’ve always loved this movie and raw emotion of that scene is something to which I think a lot of us can relate.

I am very sorry I ever met you. And I am sorry that I allowed myself to love you for all those years. I’m sorry I did nothing but be there for you every minute of every day and support you in your every *move*! I’M SORRY!!

At least one version of this speech would definitely be delivered to more than one of my exes. But mostly to anyone who has the nerve to feel that your being upset at their actions–or lack thereof–somehow makes you the offending party.

A little heavy for Friday, I’ll admit, but hey, y’know… I’m sorry. 🙄

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