42: Sacré Fromage!

Even though I’ve heard it’s impossible to get a table there and you’ll have to make a reservation weeks in advance, I decided to test my luck (with backup plans, just in case) at Le Diplomate for an early dinner. And while the place was packed, they managed to find me a nice table on the sidewalk, and I was not disappointed at all in my dinner. I’d thought they were more hype than substance, but the food was delicious.

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That mac & cheese? Ridiculously good, but I would never order it on my own again unless it was all I planned to eat. By the time my steak arrived, I was plenty full, but I’m never really too full for steak. Delicious cocktails, delicious food, I’m hoping that next time I can eat inside and get a bit more of the ambiance. I don’t mind open-air dining, but sometimes eating on DC city sidewalks isn’t all that great. The traffic noise did detract a bit from my meal, but the hospitality was clearly working to alleviate it.

It turned out to be a great birthday treat to myself and I look forward to heading back again soon.

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