video: sousaphones are free speech too!

Saw this video making the rounds, and it’s a brilliant way to non-violently express your feelings while others are expressing theirs.

Diana Martin posted a video of a sousaphone player providing musical accompaniment to a group of KKK members on their way to a rally protesting removal of the Confederate flag on July 18. Honestly, this could only have been made better had one of them stumbled or fallen and gotten the appropriate musical sting along with it.

And while this is mocking a group of people who appear to hold a truly heartfelt belief1, this is still better than shouting, calling them names, throwing things, or attempting to provoke physical confrontations. But I suppose when you are literally on the losing side of history, you’d be better prepared growing a thicker skin. 🙄

1 That–spoiler alert–I don’t agree with.

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