Klingle Ford Bridge

Last Sunday, I was up and ready for my usual brunch at Medium Rare a bit earlier than usual so I decided to take a bus to Woodley Park and walk north to Cleveland Park with the extra time.1 It’s actually a nice walk, just shy of a mile, and if you stay off the Zoo side, the sidewalk usually isn’t filled with meandering tourists. And some days, DC is just delightful for walking, and really photogenic. Especially the bridges that span Rock Creek Park and its trails. The Klingle Ford Bridge near the Kennedy-Warren gives a nice view into the park throughout the seasons and like most of the bridges, often offers up something photo-worthy.

Klingle Ford Bridge: This isn't how you're supposed to test paint swatches…

I wasn’t sure what to make of this. Someone was clearly testing out paint colors on a lamppost, but they didn’t seem to be colors you’d paint a lamppost. They seemed more like someone went to a hardware store, picked up a bunch of paint colors and wanted to try them out, not realizing they could have just snagged some swatches. Or perhaps someone looking for a house painting internship? Maybe a burgeoning graffiti artist is scoping out new locations. Is it a secret color code used by Cold War sleeper agents? Or maybe the joke is just on me and soon I’ll see the lamps and railings on the bridge repainted one of these colors soon.

I also love the stencil art, especially when it plays off of DC symbols. We seriously have one of the best flags.

Klingle Ford Bridge: Stay magical, DC.

I’m looking forward to the temps trending downward so I can comfortably get out and about a little bit for more pics and photowalks around the city. :mrgreen:

1 Medium Rare’s brunch starts at 11 and I usually like to hit brunch spots earlier rather than later. The buses nearest my place arrive at approximately 10:25a and 10:45a, so I have a choice of getting there 15-20 minutes early and waiting, subject to the weather, or getting there perhaps right on time and possibly having to stand in line and risk someone taking my favorite spot. Such dilemmas shouldn’t exist on Sunday morning!

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