Gold Star and a Cookie?

I haven’t written about work in a while, even though that place gives me a ridiculous amount of material because, well, it’s work. And sometimes it’s best left in the office. Plus I’m not too hard to find on the web, and it’s maybe not the best idea to immediately air something that happened in a public forum, names changed or not.1

However this was weird. I’d just completed a task and usually most clients are nice enough to acknowledge it with a thank you. The only times this annoys me is when they will happily copy everyone under the sun about a problem, but when it’s all finished they’ll only send the thanks to me directly.

Image of a cookie sent by a client as a thank you

So, yeah, not just a “Thanks!!” but also a cookie. A picture of a Girl Scout cookie, a Samoa® to be exact, or a Caramel deLite® depending on the baker.

And I checked back over the thread, there was never a cookie in any of the previous e-mails, so it’s not a .sig file. Just… weird. The weirdness being confirmed by our having a potluck that afternoon while this message was still up on my screen. Co-workers were looking at it asking, “Why is there a cookie on your screen?”

Truly an excellent question, y’all. 🙄

1 Seriously, back in the earliest days of Twitter, a client did something very bad, and I tweeted about it (see below). Client was also on twitter, noticed it and told my bosses about it. Thankfully, they determined that I hadn’t done anything wrong.

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