And they called it coffee love…

Truly is there any love better than coffee love? I saw this stock image in an article on my way to work and thought it was simply adorable!

Coffee Love stock photo: Coffee cup and saucer on a wooden table. Foam in the form of the heart.

The Awkward Yeti expresses the love for coffee far better than I can, especially since I’m not–well, no longer–a coffee addict? My coffee love is long since gone. I enjoy a cup, but don’t need it, and only succumb when I’m out if I can get something ridiculously fancy because… well, I’m me.

One thing I always have wanted to learn is how to make the funky art in foam atop coffee, but I suspect that one needs more than my simple AeroPress and Aerolatte set up to get that done. Maybe there will be a latte art class come spring. I’ve shied away from cooking/food classes in the past, but maybe it’ll be something fun to try this year.

In any case, I really had no point to any of this except that a cuppa with a heart in it made me smile this morning. :mrgreen:

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