Cool Story Babe… wait, what?

Saw someone wearing this on my way into work this morning.

Sweatshirt reading: cool story babe. now go make me a sandwich.

cool story babe. now go make me a sandwich.

I was like, “Wait, wut?” Even though I was having kind of a “fuck it” morning, I still managed to give my best Joan Holloway, like…

Joan Holloway reacts to a cool story babe shirt

Trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, thinking, “Maybe it’s reached the point where it’s subversive and ironic to wear that because everyone knows what a stupid statement it is?” I held it down until I got to work and realized that the phrase is still being sold everywhere on everything with most of the product descriptions saying “funny” in the title.

Yes. Hilarious. See, no, this is hilarious.

Seriously, folks, do better. 🙄

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