Guy Laroche, Ebony Fashion Fair

How amazing is this Guy Laroche sequined plaid evening suit?!

Guy Laroche sequined plaid evening suit, 1972

Guy Laroche (France), Men’s evening suit. Haute couture, Fall/Winter 1972–73. Silk/synthetic blend taffeta, plastic sequins. It was premiered for The Ebony Fashion Fair, ‘The Mood of Luxury.’

“If you’re not dressed in the most refined, glittering fabrics, you must be glowing in the richest colors imaginable. Throughout Europe and America, the mood is one of super luxury and super elegance.” — Eunice W. Johnson

Guy Laroche sequined plaid evening suit, 1972 Is it a bit much? Of course it is! Would it be a pain to maintain? Yep. Do I still want to wear it, even if only just once? Hell. Yes. However, I’d settle for just getting to see it up close if possible.

It was on exhibit as part of the Chicago History Museum exhibit Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair. Which — apparently as I look this up right now — will be touring and will come to DC! YAY!

Now I just have to set a calendar appointment for April-July, 2017. No problem!

I’m reminded of Jimmy Early’s line from Dreamgirls,

Who was the first one to wear shiny clothes?

— (answering) Little Richard.

That was me, baby! I started that. You remember that burgundy jacket I had with the bolt lightning on the back? The lightning was in glitter. Glitter’s shiny, baby!

Guy Laroche sequined plaid evening suit, 1972 I’m so glad a Facebook friend posted a picture of this. I’m pretty sure my parents had (maybe still have) the issue of Ebony right around the time of this Fashion Fair, but since this suit is as old as I am, it’s highly unlikely I would have gotten the chance to see it back then.

I do love the Textile Museum, and I haven’t been since they’ve moved to GWU, so even though it’s a year away, I’m definitely adding it to my to-do list. I just hope that between now and then, they don’t decide to cancel it, or take the Guy Laroche suit out of the traveling exhibition. Sequins are fiddly things, after all. I imagine there’s a lot of maintenance and repair for them.

Still though, I’ll hold out hope to make a big ol’ gay pilgrimage next year to see one hell of a fabulous suit. :mrgreen:

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  1. dakrólak says:

    Ummmm, that suit is mine… ALL. MINE.

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