Ten Years On…

Last night in a group chat with some friends I mentioned how I’ve been going to a particular bar a lot lately. For drinks, for dancing, for drinks and dancing, theme parties, New Year’s Eve, etc. I said I hadn’t been there that much since I lived about a block away to which one responded…

2017 Brian is 2007 Brian

As 2017 Brian was taking himself to bed shortly after, I didn’t think about it too much, but decided to flip back through my 2007 photos, and it turns out that 2007 Brian isn’t such a bad aesthetic to go with.

me on a motorcycle at DC Pride in 2007

Most of the pictures, I’m not in, but this one was at DC Pride and I was taking a picture of the chopper and the owner (or at least the rider?) said, “Do you want a picture of you1 on the bike?” Uh… yes!

It was before we relied on social media, Twitter was new. It would be a few years before cancer became something that affected me personally. I hung out with more friends more often, I took road trips, I went on a cruise! Who the hell was I?

At the least, I was a lot more carefree, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing to recapture this year. Even though there are a lot of things to care very strongly about, self-care needs to be a priority too. I’ve already pinned a few more dates to the calendar to go out dancing. I might even be brave and try to travel2 this year — like a short hop maybe.

models from the Chip and Pepper show at Saks Fifth Avenue in September 2007

I also wouldn’t mind if there were plenty of beefcake this year too. But it would seem that the main difference between 2007 and 2017 beefcake is that there’s a lot more hair. :mrgreen:

1I think my smile on that bike looks like Chrissy Teigen’s crying face. I’ve had to work on my smile since.

2 I am awful at traveling. I’m no good at making plans, getting good deals on flights and hotels. I just get too anxious about it all and often think “forget it.”

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