Sunday. Self-Care. Solidarity.

Woke up Sunday, a little motivated, but not too much. Decided to brave the elements and have a little walk. This January hasn’t been bitter cold, but also not balmy. Still, it was going to be a gentle day, so a few miles wouldn’t hurt.


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And then I got back home and pondered going for brunch. I actually haven’t been to brunch in quite some time. The weight loss efforts really don’t blend well with bottomless mimosas, but I decided I deserved a little treat and a little me time.

Current status: Coping. #brunch #mimosa #inebriati

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At the same time, my usual “Drink all the things!” methods have lessened to a dull roar. Even so, I was enjoying myself for the most part, having a drink or two and… listening.

And then maybe the drinks kicked in because after reading a few news stories — I got mad.

Friends were going to a protest/demonstration near the White House and I initially declined. Part of me often worries about my safety, my freedom, and going to these events without anyone to really have/watch my back. But after 3 goblets of mimosa and a healthy dose of reading the news, I was definitely like, “I’m on my way.”

#NoBan #NoMuslimBan #NotMyPresident

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I think this may be every weekend in DC. Giving ourselves time for breaks and self-care, but from what we’ve seen and the way things are going? I’m gonna need folks to stay angry, because This is not normal.

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