7 years on…

It’s been 7 years since my first round of cancer treatments was finished, my cancer-versary. It only sort of counts since I did have to go back for a second set of treatments for another site, but that gets its own cancer-versary… mostly because I enjoy celebrating things. (And I’m quite good at it.) 😉

7 years, still here, all the cheers, y'all. #FuckCancer. #cancerversary

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Ok, looking back over other pictures on that day, I did a little more than just go to brunch and have champagne all day, but it’s the thought that counts. I wouldn’t have minded celebrating it with others, but honestly since the first time I tried to have a happy hour celebration for the end of treatment that was attended horribly — like, people saying they were coming, saying they were looking forward to it and then not showing — I haven’t really tried to make much of a fuss over it except on my own.

So cheers to me, fuck cancer, and here’s to the next June 25ths forever! :mrgreen:

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