Well I’m glad someone finally said it. So far I haven’t bought a single thing, though I am thinking of stuff for myself. I might finally break down and grab myself one of those guitar band type game things. I can embarrass myself in the privacy of my own home… and it’s one more thing to spill candle wax on. I don’t delude myself into thinking that I won’t have another klutz night.

The stories of the Black Friday tragedies have made their way around the web, and it’s really sad. Even more so because it’s every year. There always seems to be footage of crowds pressing up against doors (usually Walmart) and a crazed frenzy to get stuff. And that’s all it is, it’s just stuff. Fun stuff, useful stuff, meaningless stuff, all stuff. Even though I have tons of photos from Giftmas Past when our living room was filled to the brim with toys and games, my family had no objections to my suggestion that we take it easy–or call off completely–on the gift-giving.

Don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts and especially receiving them. But right now more than any other time we should already be aware of presenting an image that’s beyond our means, and making sure not to portray the worst side of consumerism. That said, I hope people are finding good deals on the stuff they need, I just haven’t felt the desire to shop this season at all. It will be enough for me to have a few days off, see the family, make and eat some good food and play with Miles until I pass out after dinner.

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3 Responses

  1. Neal says:

    I went around with a sales clerk at Macy’s last week who was befuddled by my refusal to save an additional 10% on my purchase by applying for a credit card with them. “But its 10% more off! You are throwing money away!”

    “No, actually I’m saving money by NOT spending money I don’t have and then giving you 22% on top of that for the privelege of doing so. No thank you.”

    “But but…”

    If only I had learned this lesson 20 years ago.

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  2. kyle says:

    Oh, Miles is your dog

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  3. brian says:

    @Neal: Fer real. I hate when they try to sell me on a credit account or a loyalty card. Wasting my time and trying to kill my credit!

    @kyle: Ok, I expected someone to make that joke, but I honestly never thought it would be you.

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