Amazon Unbox: 15 eps of HBO’s “In Treatment” free

Deal alert for anyone using TiVo or the other devices Unbox is compatible with. In Treatment: Unbox Video — HBO premieres the first 15 episodes of In Treatment, a new half-hour drama series starring Gabriel Byrne, and adapted from an enormously popular Israeli series. Set within the intimate confines of individual psychotherapy sessions with five sets of patients, the series centers around a therapist who exhibits an insightful, confident demeanor when treating his patients, but displays a crippling insecurity while counseled by his own therapist.

I haven’t seen In Treatment, but I hear it’s quite good. You revisit the same patient the following week to week including the main character seeing his own therapist, so I suppose you could just watch for the patients/characters you like.

Amazon Unbox does a lot of free things, but rarely do they have 2 weeks worth of a new series to entice.

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