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the universe laughs

This is in the sponsored offers section of a website I visit daily. For those that know me well, you’d understand why that first entry gave me a chuckling panic attack. For those that don’t know me well, ask before...



Today’s Penny Arcade goes out to all those lonely horny MMORPG players wookin pa nub (or nookie) online.



I know I’m a geek, no need to tell me, I’ll happily tattoo it onto my own ass. The following response from today’s John Kelly’s Washington Live chat cracked me up. It came up earlier in the chat about leaving...



diesel sweeties: Pearls of Wisdom from a Porn Star with a Drinking Problem *hee hee… (worksafe, just funny)

I have got to watch more Coupling

Salesman: “Why do girls like you always have a boyfriend?” Susan: “Because I have acute nymphomania and my own brewery.” Series 2, Episode 3 (Her Best Friend’s Bottom)


Never can say goodbye.

I find it amusing when people who claim to want nothing to do with me read my journal… regularly. I don’t get it.. but it is funny. It’s like when you say you’re going to ignore someone, but don’t because...