I know I’m a geek, no need to tell me, I’ll happily tattoo it onto my own ass. The following response from today’s John Kelly’s Washington Live chat cracked me up.

It came up earlier in the chat about leaving carts in a parking lot bunched up in the wrong place, usually a handicapped space, and someone defended themselves, and this was a later response.

Wilmington, N.C.: In regards to the woman who justifies leaving her cart in the parking lot by saying she won’t leave her kid in the car alone…keep the kid in the cart, push it to the corral, and carry the kid to the car. Gee, how hard is that?!

John Kelly: But I think she also has a fox, a chicken and a bag of grain in the cart. How should she handle that?

I love his answer, though I had to give up on today’s sudoku puzzle, I got about 70% through it and still couldn’t place a 6. *sigh*

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1 Response

  1. Chris says:

    Try for a program that will help you solve sudoku. Works for me every time.

    Oh, and the kid was the chicken.

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