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I’m in love!!!

My new iPod arrived yesterday and it is fabulous. All of what I thought would be technical issues went off without a hitch. The tunes on my external mac-formatted drive were seen by my PC’s iTunes and while they all...



I love reading the entries on my LJ contacts list, but some people really got the Brokeback Mountain fever and HARD. While I cackle in delight at finding spoofs of same. Today I bring you: Lego Brokeback Mountain and Brokeback...


You do NOT kidnap Oprah!

While I still feel it drops too many N-bombs for a target demographic audience that is not primarily black, The Boondocks does have its moments. Like the following: Don’t go up against Huey, he’s got serious Kung Fu.


Sleepless in Seattle Redux

A trailer for Nora Ephron’s Sleepless in Seattle re-cut as a horror film. A great counter to the trailer for The Shining, re-cut as an Ephron pic. Brilliant!


cheap(er) movie goodness!

Printable coupon from the NYT for a $5 ticket to some Loews Cineplex theaters. Looks like in DC, it’s just the Wisconsin Ave theater, and only Mon thru Thurs, and likely not valid on opening week/special engagements and expires on...


the best laid plans

Jenifer said yesterday that when making plans in DC, you should expect the unexpected and she was right. It was to be our hooky day, I went in and worked a 1/2 day, and even after 4 hours was in...


pith and vinegar

Contrary to the Express snippage yesterday, I don’t wake up every morning in my online guise of Angry Ranting Blogger. Most days go quite well, I’m a pretty patient person and it takes a lot to really get under my...


well said

The musical Rent always seemed to be walking a weird line between pandering to and butt-kissing its imagined audience, and simultaneously sneering at the people who actually had a hundred bucks a seat to spare in order to see it....


it’s peanut butter jelly time!

I hate getting sick as it is, but getting sick when I’ve already got a case of major seasonal depression (plus other assorted downers) is just a kick in the balls. But strangely enough watching this (5.77MB .mpg) makes me...