cheap(er) movie goodness!

Printable coupon from the NYT for a $5 ticket to some Loews Cineplex theaters. Looks like in DC, it’s just the Wisconsin Ave theater, and only Mon thru Thurs, and likely not valid on opening week/special engagements and expires on 1/31/06 – but hey, five bucks!

Link/PDF: Loews $5 movie ticket — The wording on the coupon is really odd, Present this coupon along with $5 Monday through Thursday during the month of January 2006, and enjoy the latest blockbuster for less. The coupon doesn’t actually say get a $5 ticket, which might confuse some box office attendants, but the discount code at the bottom should be enough for them.


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  1. January 9, 2006

    $5 M-F Loew’s 34th Street

    Adobe’s PDF plug-in is a beast on Mac, Warnock, please fix that shit 34th street has Hostel, Kong, Match Point, Munich, and my strongly recommnded Syriana……

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