I’m in love!!!

"Still raped over here..." My new iPod arrived yesterday and it is fabulous. All of what I thought would be technical issues went off without a hitch. The tunes on my external mac-formatted drive were seen by my PC’s iTunes and while they all won’t fit and there are a few duplicated songs (well, headers) – it’s all working out. I should be able to consolidate all of my music onto one drive and move it back and forth between computers whenever I like. And using software I already had, I managed to convert a DVD into iPod video’able format. But I’m realizing that while I can’t really get into watching a movie on the metro… the set of Altec Lansing speakers prop it up so I can sorta be totally distracted by it while working. So I’m trying not to watch Coco, Evie and Varla and instead just listen. I should have ripped Clue instead, I don’t NEED to look at that though quoting lines on the metro would probably be a little weird.

Speaking of tunes, anyone up for a music exchange? We were thinking of doing an iPod exchange in the office and discussing how your music is so cool, but you hand that device over to someone else and they go right to finding the one piece of music that you uh, forgot was on there, or you have no idea how that got there… Hm. But seeing as all my music is external, it’s fairly easy to carry around, and I may turn my older iPod into another external drive. Hell it could hold 5 or 6 full dvd/movies… *puts on scheming face*

Soon to be heard at a mall near you, “Now leave mommy alone and drink your water box.”

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2 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    I find the video aspect of my iPod potentially dangerous. I might never get off the train.

    “oh, crap, is this Canada?”

  2. Swampkitty says:

    Wowza. You actually ran out of room? You must have a TON of music. I’m at like 800 songs and have barely even touched the storage capacity on my old iPod (4 MB, I think?)

    What kind of taste do you have in music? I’m pretty eclectic myself, I might have some stuff you may like.

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