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Fairly non-notable weekend, actually

I’d decided to devote the weekend, or large parts of it, to playing my City of Heroes character Starchilde as she was at level 39 and was long overdue to reach level 40, so I managed to do that… fairly...


Separated at Birth?

Condoleezza Rice [full image here] Nurse from “Eye of the Beholder” [full image here] Something about Condi’s picture today just struck me as familiar… And she totally looks like a Domme in that outfit. Moose could learn something! From now...


Metro Moving

Metro Moving, by Fredosan. I was so tempted to swipe this picture to use on my journal, but then I saw that Fredo had already used it for his. Ah well, it’s still a fantastic photograph. I need to find...


Ankh, originally uploaded by Sombra. from someone else’s photostream on flickr… this cat has the right idea.


Gotcha!, originally uploaded by urbanbohemian. This and other pictures of the puppy monster Miles can be found here. He’s an adorable dog, just doesn’t realize how big he is, the poor pup!


bowling moments

The assembled league, in action Rob’s masterful bowling form The team, minus 1 The team, minus a different 1


long apathetic winter days

Taking the entire old website down and putting the new one up is about the most energetic thing I’ve done. I’m not really caring about much else, don’t want to be here at the office, not even finding much fun...


Thus endeth the lesson

A little more homework since I’m stuck at home. This is the kind of thing that starts to give me the control I want. Simulating a PADD or something similiar.. Thus endeth the lesson…


Pictures of me

Why’s the picture down there? ‘cos I rarely feel as if I take good pictures, and that one seems to be good. Plus it’s less than a month old. Which is my usual lament, even though I haven’t changed much...