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I left my heart in Chinatown

SF’s chinatown is very weird, though. I couldn’t find a single Fuddrucker’s or Potbelly’s. Not even a Chipotle. I asked one chinese lady where their bowling alley and movie theaters were, and she just stared blankly back at me. From...



Just finished Battlestar Galactica… all hail the emotional power of the phrase to be continued. I’m also a little bummed because my mac mini, for some reason, has decided it doesn’t want to start up, when it seemed fine this...


who needs words when I have webcomics?

Ah Friday, the payoff day for most webcomics. Today’s Real Life (in which the character is just starting a new job) shows that geeks are indeed, everywhere. But silly comic character, you can set your TiVo from the internet, duh!...


Georgie’s Gay!

To my dear friends.. yes, I am well aware that Sulu has officially come out as a Cocksmoker. You can stop sending me the links to CNN and Frontiers magazine. 😀



Teen Titans.. Nice episode with Beast Boy’s old peeps and stuff, but a Dalek is still a Dalek, no matter what kinda cool skull face you put on it. Geeks… And more the geek me for noticing it. *wanders off...


subject matter

I still love the series, but tonight’s Battlestar Galactica is seeming horribly forced (no pun intended, really). The parts leading up to the “sensitive scenes” – it’s like they’re desperately trying to make you hate the flavor of the week....

why do I do this to myself?

I am a geek. I am a Fan. I volunteered to help maintain the website for a group/network of gay/lesbian sci-fi fans because, at the time it seemed like a good idea, and I was told that the previous webmaster...


a major blunder with beneficial results

Some days are just like that, y’know? Thankfully none recently. Well not too recently. I suppose my computers at home dying has produced the beneficial result of me deciding now is the time to take down and re-do the website....



Ok, I like Babylon 5, and there’s one character who’s EVIL, no other word for it, but he is SO hot. The actor is Ed Wasser and he plays Morden on the show, a servant of The Shadows. And lemme...


true, true

“Why are the pretty ones always insane?”— Chief Wiggam Ok, I LOVE my couch, can I say that enough times? I’ve been lying there reading a book Shawn loaned me and listening to The Simpson’s on TV. I’m considering putting...