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Yeah, it's THAT good.Ah Friday, the payoff day for most webcomics. Today’s Real Life (in which the character is just starting a new job) shows that geeks are indeed, everywhere. But silly comic character, you can set your TiVo from the internet, duh! I don’t necessarily know if I’ll be planted in front of my tv tonight watching Battlestar Galactica either, but I know that at the very least I’ll be watching it Saturday morning… after midnight = morning, right? And Diesel Sweeties sets up a great joke in an odd way, but I’m sure we’ve all encountered the same thing when we find others that share our likes and hobbies — “I finally find people like me, and they wind up being jerks.”

I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend at home, I’m low on funds and my place is a disaster area and I did spy a recipe for a crunchy pear cheesecake that just may *have* to be baked, I have no choice, the recipes… they TALK to me.

And no one warned me that when the head is absolutely clean shaven, while it may look hot and sexy and all… it ITCHES when it comes back in, sheesh! I have never paid more attention to my hair and scalp than I have these past few weeks. It’s grown in a little bit now and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to shave it off again. Maybe I’ll wait for a special occasion, a swim meet to reduce drag or something like that.

The last panel seals the jokeIn the “What, Again This Year?” department — Birthdays. Last year the spouse of a friend threw a party and didn’t invite me. This actually didn’t bother me initially as some people put together small gatherings, some find it impossible to invite everyone they might like and sometimes some people just get left out. Now I still remembered the date and sent him an e-card because I didn’t make it to the store and post office in time and he sent a thank you. What started to annoy me was that someone else invited to the party asked if they’d see me there and I was all, “What party?” I had been invited elsewhere on that day, so it shouldn’t have been a huge deal, but it was. It made me pull back from trying to make nice with him even more than I already had and I have no idea if that caused any friction at home, but I doubt it.

Well this year it’s happened again, I didn’t really expect to be invited but what I also didn’t expect was to find out or hear about the party at all. Here’s the fun part… he’s invited one of my best and closest buddies, who really isn’t even all that close to him. And while I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt, a bad sign to be sure because if I still considered there to be something worth saving, I’d just be angry. Instead he gets no more or less “faith in humanity” than anyone else walking down the street. However I’m also a fan of thinking things through, and if we connect the dots, the news was practically guaranteed to make its way to my ears and it’s hard not to feel a little slighted. But I think that this time around I feel no problems cutting off ties and pulling back the olive branch. I was aware of the problems between us and I’ve tried to mend them, going so far as to extend him a personal invite to my birthday party this last year at the request of his spouse and at the last minute after head counts and reservations had been made, he declines on the evite. Ok these things happen, but the message he left on the evite amounted to, “There’s another party I’d rather go to instead.” — As you can imagine, in the last-minute, “Oh my god I’m having a party and ALL these people are coming!” freak out, this was not well-received. I also couldn’t help but wonder if I’d invited someone as a personal favor to someone else, there might be a bug in the ear to say “Maybe you should really think about going.”

But as the song says, “People are people…” And in accordance with my desire for no drama this year, I’m fully prepared to own what I say here and say that this is my particular take on things. I’m (mostly) not a mind-reader, and I can’t see through walls, so I have no idea what’s going on in other houses and heads. As I said during an argument with my father, “No one can tell you what to say and how to act, but they can damn sure tell you how what you say and do makes them feel.”

I’m sure the weekend will bring much City of Heroes playing between me kicking myself to be responsible and clean my place up. I’ve mentioned potlucks and cheesecake parties to far too many people now and they might actually be expecting me to make good on my promise at some time in the near or not-so-near future. But the three online supergroups I’m in make it hard to pull away! 🙁

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  1. Jenifer says:

    Some people do hurtful things out of ignorance. Some, out of spite. Some, out of some strange, deep sense of competition stemming from insecurity. Some, just because they can, and finally, some because they are freakin’ nuts.

    No matter the reason, the response is the same: the hell with them. It’s their loss.

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