Warren Joins Alton on Food Network

Personally I have never cared for Cakelove (cup)cakes, they’re dry, the icing feels (and sometimes tastes) more like shortening than anything else, and adding bits of fruit to frosting can sometimes create a very bad combo of flavors. It befuddles me when people make pre-orgasmic sounds at the very mention of Cakelove.

Still, I’m glad that a local boy’s done good for himself: DCist: Warren Joins Alton on Food Network. I don’t watch Food Network all that much anymore as most of the shows have gone over to food porn than actually trying to teach you something. And even though they say the episodes are new, I seem to be unable to catch a new one when I turn it on lately.

I rented the Queer Eye/Straight Guy – Ted’s Guide to Entertaining at Home dvd and it looks mostly like, to quote The Simpsons, a cheesy clip show. I’m sure I’ll learn something, and there are screens that offer detailed recipes, and some of his little epilogue tips from the end of the show. But overall, I’m not too impressed with it. NBC won’t have MY consumer whore earnings! HA!

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