I’m getting really sick of working at a place where they don’t trust that employees aren’t trying to go to “forbidden” sites, whatever that means, so they block a bunch of sites willy-nilly, and every now and then you get a nasty little note saying ‘You have accessed a forbidden site, etc’. Not very friendly and also a little too much like big brother for my tastes, I mean someone out there doesn’t care where you surf most of the day, but then has a report that you may have tried to get to a site they deem unacceptable? So they won’t care how much work you’ve done all day, all they care is that you tried, on your lunch break or coffee break to go to a site that MAY have objectionable (to whom) content. Lovely. They’ll probably try dragging me from the building sometime during the next year for trying to catch up on the daily weather.

In other news, the date with Thomas yesterday was just that, a date. A real one. I went over to his apartment, and he was on the phone with his mother! We then headed out for brunch or lunch, what have you and chatted. He’s definitely a southern gentleman, a rare thing to encounter. He teaches dance, seems to be pretty well put together. He is 37 though, which gives me some pause, but not a lot yet. Then we rented ‘Isn’t She Great?’ from Blockbuster and watched that, along with other snippets on cable. It was a nice time, a good 5 hours spent. I’m sure we’ll see each other again.

Something a little odd, when I went to the bar to meet up with Shawn, Anita and Rob later, I saw Shawn’s jeep, so I parked next to it. Or rather I tried to. There was this guy, I’m not making any judgements about him, but he was dressed in kinda ratty clothes and just snacking on chips from a bag and standing in the parking space next to the jeep. As I pulled in, he just stood there, shaking his head. Now being a resident of the city I thought at first he might be saving it, so I gestured questioningly, and he just shook his head again, so I pulled forward. He didn’t move. I pulled forward some more, he looks down at my car, then at himself as if to say, ‘What? You gonna hit me?’. I’ve turned down the radio now so I can hear him yelling ‘Faggots go home!’. I guess he doesn’t like that the old bar is gone, or he has his own homophobic issues. At this point I don’t care and kept moving forward, then put it in park and gave him the option to move out of my way. (all the while having my phone in hand to call the police, ‘cos you can never be too sure.) He eventually did move, but I put the club on my car just in case. As I got out I could see he’d moved on to harrassing the next guys to drive into the lot (in a *nice* Corvette). But they were threatening to kick his ass, so I figured he had his hands full. Though I did sneak a peek outside after about 15 mins just to make sure my car was all right.

I guess I’m older now, I’m used to that kind of thing. As short as 3 or 4 years ago, I would have pulled the car out and parked across the street, or even worse not have bothered to stop at all and gone home, but I guess I just figured I have no time for little people and their little issues. Though I should be wary, ‘cos just recently this was in the news.

So one can never be too careful. It’s feeling like a typical Monday today, not really in the mood to do much work, so I might make it an early day today (2 or 2:30). I do have packages awaiting me at the post office and UPS should be by. And after seeing Tom’s apartment, I really need to clean my place up. I have to work towards getting my living room completely spotless. Even if that means putting things in my storage area just to get them off the floor. It’s one thing to not have any furniture, but another to have the room be a mess regardless.

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