Anytime we get some kind of “non-political” political event here in the area, the city gets overrun with people. Admittedly I was able to get to work even earlier than normal ‘cos they’re expecting all manner of crowds. But in each station I was assailed by people handing out flyers for the Million Family March, finally I said rudely to the last one who handed me a flyer and informed me I was at the wrong station to attend the march, “I’m not going, someone has to work today.” Perhaps that was wrong of me, but it appears that assumptions based on skin color happen from within the african american community as well as without.

Hrm, I just paused to read the Washington Post and saw this snippet from an article on Farrakhan’s involvement with the March:

    “He is a master of words,” said the [Anti-Defamation League]’s Foxman. “He has used the words ‘repentence’ and ‘reconciliation’ and ‘atonement’ more in his lifetime than anyone I know. Good people are telling me he’s sick and that he’s changed. But he hasn’t; he is an unrepentant anti-Semite.”

    Foxman says Farrakhan has helped anti-Jewish sentiment take root among African Americans, both through his public utterances and the literature sold by the Nation of Islam. A 1998 ADL poll found blacks to be significantly more likely than whites to hold anti-Jewish beliefs, such as believing that Jews have too much control of the media and Hollywood.

At this point, who knows anymore? The guy who hated you yesterday, loves you today ‘cos it’s to his advantage.

In happier news, I actually met a nice guy this weekend. His name’s Edwin and he met me at the Hunt Club while Shawn and I were there, once again, trying to meet guys from who said they’d meet us out there. He’s nice, cute, followed me home, etc. We had breakfast and hung out a little bit on Sunday, then I headed over to Shawn’s for some good chili and Scream movies and got home in time to realize that none of my FOX shows were on and went to bed fairly early.

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