I’ve been bad.. not updating this thing for.. sheesh 6 days. I’m still miffed that the EPA feels my own blogger should be a blocked site, but this morning something happened that’s similar to the Jayson thing, when you feel like something doesn’t bother you anymore and you’re just total wrong about it.

I slept in today due to odd dreams, however when I sleep in, I run the risk of encountering unfamiliar faces and people on the metro and at work. Well this morning I ran into Valerie. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned her before, but she’s a gov’t worker, and she used to be a real good friend. Then for some reason a few months back she cut off all contact with me and most of the other contractors. The speculation about the cause for this behavior, since it certainly was strange and unexpected, was widespread but no answers came forward. So back to this morning.. I saw her, and in respect to what I thought were her wishes, I ignored her, even though we were going to be on the same elevator. So she looks at me and says my name, somewhat softly, or perhaps I only heard it distantly. So she said it again, louder and I looked up at her and said good morning in a detached way that implied more, “Who the hell are you?” And as we got on the elevator she pressed the buttons for both our floors, at which point I cracked open my book and started reading. (Yes, for a 60 second ride on the elevator, I know, but I got through 2 pages so shush) And that was that. She got out on her floor, I on mine.

Unfortunately the atmosphere of the office is such that I can only wonder what she’s up to. Since I doubt she’s suddenly had a moment of repentance for her past behavior. This is too confusing for this early in the morning.

On the bright side I seem to be getting over my cold or flu or whatever this was that had me feeling so nasty. Tess, a co-worker, told me yesterday that there is a 2-week bug going around, so I don’t feel so bad that I’ve been ill for so long.

I still don’t have a Halloween costume, I feel no real pressure to get one, even though Edwin’s got his Barney Rubble outfit coming. I’ve never really felt the “costume” thing around Samhain though, but I don’t expect most to understand that, after all, most pagans go ahead and dress up for it anyway, and go out and have a good time. This holiday has rarely been a good time for me. But most holidays aren’t, so that’s no real surprise.

This is sounding pretty random and I’m actually feeling tired again, damnit, so I’ll get back to work and maybe get some juice or something. Not really hungry this morning.

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