a day about nothing?

I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself today. Yesterday was productive and fun and ended with a great dinner at Mama Ayesha’s with Kyle. I can’t believe I’ve lived here as long as I have and never been there. I told Kyle that Mama Ayesha’s is the place that nearly every guy I’ve dated has said “Oh I have to take you there!” and it’s never materialized. If someone had told me that it was good Lebanese food, I’d have been there long before now–and I fully expect that I’ll be back again soon.

Today, I slept in a wee bit (until 7:30) and kinda bumbled around the house for a bit with absolutely no direction. I wandered out for some coffee and assembled a few piles of laundry. I realized that I have absolutely no idea where to go for breakfast on a weekday morning. I know places that serve breakfast items, but not where to go for a nice sit-down, order & be served breakfast. I really miss this place on Capitol Hill that served the best Belgian Waffles. Sure I could make some on my own, but I’m on vacation!

I’ve been pretty anti-planning for the staycation, but it kinda left me without much inspiration for what to do and where to go today. On my coffee walk, I noticed it was almost a little too crisp for shorts and knew that it would be a great day to open up the windows and air out the apartment. The more I thought about being in, the more appealing it sounded, so I figured why not have a little decompression day? I put some (more) much-needed laundry in, and because of my apartment layout, when the windows are open in the living room, there’s this amazing breeze that comes through passing over the couch.

I might head out to the zoo, or I may stay in and watch some movies, but it feels like a good day to be a bit of a homebody or at least stick to the neighborhood.

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  1. kyle says:

    I think Don Jaime’s near Mt. Pleasant and Lamont serves breakfast during the week. True, it’s Mexican style – but I do dearly lover their huevos rancheros.

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