Odd, with all the goings on, I didn’t even mention that my birthday was the thirteenth, I’m 29 now. I guess I wasn’t much in the mood for celebrating, though I tried to make this weekend a relatively social one. Thursday night I had dinner in Dupont with Nathan at Mercury Grill. Nice place, very cozy, and not just in that small & dark sorta way. It was the first night that the temps were dropping, but not too cool, we had a nice time and a good dinner. Afterwards he drove me back to my car (in Alexandria VA), such a sweet guy.

Friday wasn’t too bad, work seems to get worse every day, and due to the recent tragedy, the Iron Chefs cancelled an appearance at our building, not pleased about that. Chris took me to dinner at the Carlyle Grand Cafe. A lovely meal, totally decadent, however not too much or too little. He did let it slip to the server that it was my birthday, so they brought the dessert with a little candle on it. We headed to Blockbuster and rented Chicken Run. Hilarious!

Saturday was fun too, had breakfast with Chris at IHOP (suburbia!), then watched him flounder between wanting to go shopping, riding his motorcycle and cleaning his place. Called Michael while he deliberated and planned to meet Michael that afternoon for whatever came up and said good bye to Chris. Started some laundry and talked to Nathan about plans either that day or Sunday. Then took a short nap and shower and drove into DC (!!!) to Michael’s office to meet him. I’m slowly getting over my weirdness about driving into DC now. I used to think it was hell with parking and traffic and now I realize, I’m a very short way out from DC, so it doesn’t really take that long to get there, and at the right times, there’s always a spot. Anyway, once that hurdle was crossed, we headed to Michael’s place in Silver Spring with a stop at Fresh Fields along the way. It’s easier for me to meet him at his office ‘cos it’s hard for me to remember how to get to his house. I’ve never been to a Fresh Fields before. Oh my god. I think I’m in love. Between that store and Trader Joe’s, I don’t know that I’ll ever want to go to the grocery store for staple items again. Produce, meats and seafood the way they’re supposed to look, the way they look in newspaper/tv ads. Anyway after some more veggin, we went bowling. Not a fun experience though, our lane kept getting stuck and having to be reset. I bowled a 114, not so great, but with all the interruptions, I guess I should be pleased with that.

Sunday was another busy day, I’m three for three on the weekend. Went to breakfast with Michael and Monica to the Original Pancake House, then over to Nathan’s place and we went to the zoo. Oy, my legs! Then we had lunch/early dinner in Adams Morgan. It made me realize how much I miss that area and when I lived there, I was so down on life that I didn’t want to go anywhere. And there were such great places right down the street! Such a fool I was. Well if I’m able to move back into DC, I won’t make the same mistake twice, lemme tell ya.

All in all it was a good weekend, I kinda like this feeling of getting outside the house. Only problem is now I really need to buckle down and clean up the place ‘cos coming home to a dirty apartment is absolutely no fun!

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