Damn I hate when money rears its ugly head as a problem. But I guess I’ve been overextending myself lately. Just like snacking on junk food, I suppose buying new things is just a comfort thing. I’ve got an idea lately to add drapes to my place. Mainly in the bedroom, but possibly in the computer area (dining room) too, and it’s for the light, and for looks as well. But I’m trying to keep it to a reasonable price for the hardware and fabric (I said trying). That may have to be the last major purchase for a little while, ‘cos I really need to build up my savings for a just in case type of thing, seems that lately “just getting by” isn’t quite enough. But I also need to do it on the smaller scale too. Eating lunch at the office costs between 4-7 dollars per meal, unless I go someplace special and then it’s more like 18-20 bucks. I know I should bring in my own breakfast, and even my own milk, it’s just hard to remember those things once you leave here. Part of leaving the nasty thoughts behind. I’ll have to be more diligent in my to-do lists, I suppose.

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