work it, work it

… work it, work it …

I took a mental health day yesterday, which was much needed, let me tell you. I do feel better about coming in here when I can have a day mid-week to myself. I actually did a little low-impact work, but not too much, so it’s all good, I get hours, work gets what they want, and I don’t have to change outta my pajamas.

I played around with making a new cd workout mix and ended up using a feature of the music cd maker I hadn’t before. It will let you do basic transitions between tracks, so I had it crossfade the songs into one another. That’s always been my favorite thing about going out to clubs and dancing, is that the DJ flows so smoothly from one track to the next and it never stops. And when I’ve made my own mixes, sure it’s good, but I wish I had that flow. Well this CD does. It’s by no means perfect, but hey, I’m not a DJ. Due to the songs on it, I’ve entitled it strut sweat pose chill (ed: it’s been changed now to S4). I’ve already had one “pre-order” for the cd, and it may get its first test run at the gym this afternoon. I wish I could make money selling those from my site. Hell, I wish I could make money doing just about anything on my site. Except for taking my clothes off, that is.

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