Fuck metro…

Who needs ’em? I got up early this morning and walked to work from Matthew’s place. But I’m thinking that next week I’m going to try walking from *my* place and seeing just how long it takes. It took me maybe 20-25 mins from his place. I’ve never been at the office so early, it was dead in here.
I did some fake biking last night to the tune of 10 miles. It’s hard to be sore about it when you can watch Law & Order on your own “Personal Cardio Theater” though I had forgotten just how much I sweat when I work out. Or maybe that’s just the added fat workin’ its way out. I’m still on my post-fitness high this morning as well. Officemates are noticing me being a little more high-energy… they’ve told me to stop it, it’s scary.
Being over at his place is like a mini vacation, no computer/internet, just a nice space, cable tv and music and a gym with concierge and doorman. It’s nice, but still feels lonely. It’s a studio apartment but I’m so used to being there with him that it feels huge right now.

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