now it’s time to say goodbye…

Well my time in New England is nearly at an end.. flight takes off in about 3 hours, rental car goes back in 2. It’s been a fun weekend spending time with and seeing the sights of Rhode Island. We went to a Wildlife Sanctuary just over the Mass state line, drove out to other spots in the nasty cold rain.
Yesterday (and this morning too, looks like) was gorgeous, I didn’t even need a jacket or long sleeves to be comfy. Anyone that’s been around me when I get chilly knows that you don’t hear the end of it. Took lots of pictures and silly videos in the woods (I love my digital camera). Went out to a bar called Dark Lady on Saturday night and that was a lot of fun, but exhausting, last night with the lack of sleep and the day tromping around, I was too tired to go out, but Al headed out and left me sleeping, which suited me just fine.
A good weekend of drink, dance and song… and britcoms, always britcoms. 🙂

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