And on the Sunday… I rested

Well I had a wonderful weekend, I can’t say too much as I have someone looking over my shoulder at the moment… *shh*

Friday was relatively sedate, I took the day off work since there’s nothing for me there right now. I spent the day cleaning up and going through old photo albums and sorting out old stuff and throwing out even more old stuff. Christopher came over later that evening with painful hips (thanks to the gym’s adductor) and fried chicken (which he wouldn’t let me have any of) and we watched “Waiting For Guffman” then managed a fairly snore-free night. Ok, not really, but I must be getting better at passing out and ignoring it. Though there were a few times when he nearly found corks shoved into his nostrils.

Saturday.. the big day.. I knew there was something going on, I have no idea what it was. So I started the morning out with cartoons, then some breakfast and horribly bad service at that breakfast with Christopher, we headed back home and I was then reverse-abducted (I had to drive) to basically get me out of the house for a few hours so “things” could be done. So Rob and I went bowling, then to Home Depot, then the mall, then finally I was allowed back in the house so that I could get a little bit of rest, but I really couldn’t. I had to get showered and changed and then go to Christopher’s place to either nap or watch a movie or whatever so long as it got me away from the apartment. All this shuttling around, I felt tired and confused… I was ready for the old person’s home.

Christopher then informed me that it was time to go and I got cleaned up and pretty and he took me to dinner at this great place Zaytinya, Mediterranean tapas. And it was GOOD, we had some cocktails, a lovely dinner and after dinner we hopped in a cab and headed back to my apartment. When we got inside, I tried to head towards my apartment but no, he pushes me gently towards the elevator so that we can go to the roof and when we get up there… “Surprise!”

He and Sean had arranged all this behind my back, 7 of my friends were up there all waiting on us to arrive. I’m told that there were more invited, but they couldn’t make it. None of Christopher’s friends were there, but he says I shouldn’t feel too bad about that. They all just hate me… NOT.

I got some nice gifts, got extremely liquored up and had a wonderful time. I can’t believe all the trouble my friends went to to surprise me and give me a happy birthday.

And on the Sunday… I rested.

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