I.. love.. words…

I need more audio books at the office, or a good way to connect my iPod to my work machine. There are some days that listening to what seems like constant conversation all day long makes me work a little faster than listening to music.
I wish I could have NPR on, but they’re very concerned about streaming internet kerfuffle here at DOT, at least that’s what I was told. They also don’t seem to like internet messaging applications, but I see way too many people using those as well. Then again, my journalling all day probably wouldn’t be seen as a positive thing, but screw that, it’s no less time-consuming than regular e-mails.
I just need to get more of them on CD and bring them in to listen to. The only drawback of them is that I do like to turn them up a wee bit louder as it doesn’t enter my brain the same way as music. I kinda wish ‘s book were on audio cd, I imagine I would rather enjoy a nice quiet evening with Denton and Monty.
The other evening Jake told me about how he likes books read by Nana Visitor (Deep Space Nine’s ‘Kira’), I may look for something read by her. On the way to work this morning it was Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and currently it’s Wigfield, perhaps some David Sedaris later on. Whatever gets one through the day, no?
Dinner last night was good.. but pricey.. though it did remind me of how much I enjoy eating out. Our server was a little too attentive, but otherwise a nice evening and for a good cause.

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