Free is always good

Free comic book online? Oh yeah. Almost as good as more free snippets from , but with pictures.
Proximity Effect is doing a very wise thing, story in pieces, parts 1 and 2 available on line, the 3 part conclusion will be out as a trade paperback in stores. It’s a nice looking story, I guess I prefer the more gritty metahuman stories to the 4-color trades.

Proximity Effect
Thirty feet is the difference between infinite power and everyone else.
Throughout history, beings of great power have walked the earth, for the most part unknown and undetected. This is the story of one such being, Lisa. But her power only works when she’s near Caleb, who is her “Source.”
Separated, Lisa and Caleb are merely human. But together, they can change the world. It is this codependent relationship that defines their power, ultimately leading to earth-shaking consequences. For better? For worse? How much do you trust human nature?

The Flash-based comic reader is pretty cool, but I may download the PDF for a later repeat viewing as well.

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