F**kin’ debates…

They’re putting on Law & Order at 8.. LOST is at 8.. DAMNIT! Thankfully I can watch one and record t’other at the same time, but still… evil. I think Bush should put a lunchbox underneath his suit tonight just as a joke. Hm, upon further investigation, L&O may be a rerun from March.. which still may be one I haven’t seen though. Maybe I’ll watch that and save LOST for later tonight or another night.
I won theatre tickets from WAMU so now I have to find a friend (victim) to go with me, but it looks like a good play and I can hopefully get tickets for a Sunday matinee, though Saturday evening would be good, but not this Sat. That’s gaming day and who knows how long that might run.
I’m still pondering a trip to the RenFaire if any locals are interested. I’ll probably rent a car for it. I’m also pondering a trip to new england for Halloween and Al’s birthday, since the piles of Halloween party invitations clearly didn’t get forwarded from my old address. 😛

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