good and evil…

I also done my deeds for the week, both good and evil at the same time.
On the metro, on the way home yesterday, during the usual rugby scrum that takes place between people getting on and off the train, someone dropped a little clear plastic ID card thingy with a SmarTrip in one side and a farecard in the other. I called out, loudly, to the train asking if anyone dropped their SmarTrip card, and I saw a few people patting their pockets, etc. I called around again and no takers. So I was good in that I turned in the SmarTrip card.. but my little bit of evil was that I kept the farecard. This will teach people not to zone out on the train, one hopes.
Tomorrow will make one-year at this current job. I feel like I should do something to celebrate. Anyone in the area want to go for a happy hour or drinks or something? Or I can just do fried chicken and champagne at home on my own. *shrug*

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