with 4 days of Black History month left

Black History and Ads Don’t Mix, Activists Say

Wouldn’t have this article made more sense closer to the beginning/middle of the month? Anyway…

Yesterday I was sick. It wasn’t fun, but thankfully Will was kind enough to offer me a place to shower (the water in my bldg was turned off due to repairs) and then we slew demons together… a pc talking nice to a mac, who knew? Definitely one of the best sick days I’ve ever spent, though I did walk home (6 blocks) since the bus wasn’t in view, and by the time it arrived, I was a block from home anyway. But after getting in, I was feeling the bite of the weather.

chicken, ready for the freezingAgainst my laziness I thawed out some chicken and baked it as lazily as possible and had that with brown rice. But it was nice to have meat on hand to pop in the microwave to thaw (see: meatpacking night). I had a mini-adult-moment of responsbility and yay-me! ness for planning ahead like the good little ant. I’m trying to track my weekly food money spent to see how I can better budget myself, there have been times, I’m sure that I spend as much money during the week for breakfast and lunch (and dinner) as I have for a single grocery store shopping trip that could easily net me food for a month. I also think I might be ready for a Costco membership.

I brought my camera to capture pics of the snow today, and as soon as I turned it on, it turned itself right off.. no battery power.. poop.

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