City of Heroes 14-day trial?

If anyone here doesn’t play CoH and was wondering what the fuss is all about, apparently they are/were offering a free 14-day trial of the game here, 14 day CoH trial.

From the site:

This free trial entails no obligations. It does not require your credit card information. You will simply need to provide us with your email address, and NCsoft will immediately email you a promotional serial code (NOTE: Only one serial code will be sent to an email account), along with instructions for creating a PlayNC master account. You will then use the serial code to add the free 14 days of City of Heroes to your account.

I recall creating my initial account for the beta without needing a credit card or anything, so this is probably the real deal.

And I’ve already plunked down for the pre-order of City of Villains… I’m so weak. 😉

*Edit: I’ve read some boards that say the codes are expired, and some that say the codes are working, so I suppose your monkeys may vary…

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