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One of my favorite little secret steals, deals and coupon code sites had a $25 off $50 purchase coupon code at [code: SHOP25 + 4% back if you shop through], so I decided to give myself a little wine flight. I had two rules, no bottles over $10, but with ratings over 90, and none from the US. I managed to find 6 bottles that’ll work out well, I was tempted to get more, but I don’t want to defeat the purpose of the coupon. My lovely friend Will is going to let me have the stuff delivered to his place, and I hope to craftily turn my visit to get it into a social visit as well.

On another odd note, I get my LJ friends posts via RSS through Thunderbird, so the post comes through, no cuts or anything, comments (at the time) and all. I noticed someone commented on a recent friend’s entry with a familiar LJ/screen name and sure enough it’s someone that has intersected my path a few times, one time being one of the other two people dating the ex, Christopher, and two other times dating two of my friends. He’s affectionately known as füçkface by one of them as he has a fondness for not using condoms, won’t get tested and ended up transmitting HIV to him. The friend whose entry he popped up on is a relatively new acquaintance to me, so there’s no action to be taken.. it’s just one of those food for thoughts, *hmm*

Also, I won a free song on iTunes from my Mountain Dew.. it might be my first ever purchase on the service. I don’t count the free songs. Though I also realized I can’t find my original Jill Scott cd… I also wanted RuPaul’s new one, but I’m willing to bet I can hear that at a friend’s place first.

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