To the dogs!

Thanks to more than a few long days last week I got to leave early yesterday afternoon, which did wonders for me as when I left the house for work and went off in search of soup for lunch, it was still dark, cold and rainy. However leaving the office at 3:30, the sun was out, sky was clear and it was breezy warm. Honestly, I could take weather like that the rest of my life, so long as it didn’t involve me having to move to the West Coast, choosing? — maybe.

I got home and started on “The Wall”. There is a wall of my apartment that’s taken up with various things, some of which haven’t been unpacked since the move, some of which won’t be unpacked for a while anyway (I’ve come to terms with that fact) and stuff that can be placed into better suited containers like CDs in jewel cases and similar, or stuff that can just be tossed out.

The Marina in Southwest Washington DCAfter a bit of that, I went out to meet Moose for a bite to eat avec margaritas at Cantina Marina. It was a lot of fun, Monday is Doggy Happy Hour and they had a table set up with dog chew-treats and rawhide, while you could order $1 corn dog and chili dogs. I tried their barbeque, sorry BBQ beef sandwich which, honestly, was kinda dry and the sauce the meat had been cooked in didn’t have much of a discernable flavor, and it was served with mustard which didn’t do anything for the flavor. I generally like my beef barbecue sweeter and my pork barbecue a little savory with that touch of vinegar and spice. So I did have to splash a little ketchup on it to rescue the sam’mich. But their margaritas were good, and overall the experience was wonderful. It was a gorgeous day out, their restaurant is basically a dock on the waterfront in SW DC so you’re right next to the water and the view is great, very relaxing.

Afterwards I saw Moose’s new place which is cute and the neighborhood and is lovely, it’s not a huge place, seems just the right size for 1 person to manage without losing control over. Sometimes I think in terms of design and layout for living space, having too much space can easily be overwhelming. And it will be very easy to visit as he’s barely 3 blocks from the metro station. I’m a bit envious, though I know that owning isn’t in the cards for me right now, maybe a year and we’ll see where things are.

I feel as though I’ve just about come down from the weekend, a co-worker saw me on the news the other night too. It was great to see everyone and hang out, though it would be nice if we didn’t need a weekend-long party to do so in the future. To: Greg, Mike, Mikey, Butch, Noel, Moose, Bobby, CJ, Fredo, Dan, Steve, Greg, Will, Josh, Krista, Rob, Carl, Scott, Alan, Quincy, Orion, Steve, Cookie, Daniel, Larry and anyone else I may have left out, it was great to see you, meet you, hug you, etc. Thanks for being a part of a great weekend!

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