mmm, allergies

Kryptonite HandbookI love allergy season… really… Every year allergies affect me like Red Kryptonite (the old school comic-book version, not this Smallville crap). It seems to affect me differently each time, regardless of whether I’m taking pills or not (I’m not taking pills yet, but that’s because I’ve been too busy/lazy to get to CVS). This year I feel as though someone’s put the extension nozzle of a vacuum cleaner at the base of my skull and keeps turning it on at random moments. I’ll be working or chatting or what not and then just intense pressure and pain, ow. Bowling is particularly fun at these moments, because everyone is loud.. no one needs to be loud, and it seems the louder people are, the less they comprehend what anyone else is saying so they… speak even louder. Some people really need to work on an inside voice. We did win 2 games of 3 though, and total pins, so the evening wasn’t all bad.

I’m also really moody since about 6:30 last night… but I doubt that’s allergy related, or maybe so, I dunno. I’m already wishing it were time to go home.

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