Rentcaddy, for the disc-renting anal type-A in your life!

Note (9/8/16): Sadly it looks like this product has gone to the place all failed products go — nowhere. If you’re lucky you might be able to snag one on ebay!

Rentcaddy Mail-Based Rental Organizer

Rentcaddy Online Rental Organizer If you’re tired of looking for your mail-based rentals, if you want to end the clutter on top of your TV, or if you’d like to protect your rentals while traveling, you’ll love the Rentcaddy Online Rental Organizer™! Rentcaddy stores your discs, information sleeves, and return envelopes in one attractive, convenient carrying case.

As if recycling (or using for origami) the little red flap on the Netflix mailers wasn’t enough, now I get one more thing sitting around the house (car, suitcase?) to put everything in! However I do admire the entrepreneur spirit!

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