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'Phoenix: Endsong' coverI “read” Phoenix Endsong last night, virtual comics, scanned in by comic lovers for those of us that can’t afford the cost of buying comics either financially or in my case, psychologically – yes, the internet is an amazing place.

Though I don’t get a lot of what’s happened to my X-Men over the years (Scott sleeping/in love with Emma, who has some kind of diamond-hardness ability?), it was a wonderful story peppered with good comic moments and a very schmaltzy ending. But not enough to make me start buying comics again. I still have to figure out what to do with my 7 or 8 longboxes full of books, keep or sell… *sigh*

The Tomorrow People, The Blue and the Green episode coverI also found some rips of The Tomorrow People episodes online too, which I’m planning to enjoy until my dvds arrive. Most of these are from UK DVDs which wouldn’t play in my player (they say they’re region-free [0], but there have been reports to the contrary) even if I did buy them, so once again I’m not feeling any guilt over the downloads. Now, if only I could find people that want to pop some popcorn, make a few cocktails and laugh their asses off in nostalgia of really bad 70s sci-fi. (Yes Alan, I know, but you live too far away)

The weather decided to really start raining, *feh*, so its pretty gross outside which gives me plenty of reason to stay inside and make some homegrown TP dvds, or possibly a mix cd. I found my “workout mix” cd from 2 years ago and it still sounds good, but I can see a lot of room for improvement. I’m no DJ, but the “extra space” you usually get around remix songs that allow them to be better mixed into each other… I left way too much between some tracks and others barely have a chance to start before the previous one’s ended. And of course listening to it on my iPod isn’t the same since it can’t play them without a gap.

Still there’s Double Dare to look forward to tomorrow, and possibly playing hooky on Thursday to go see “Sith” so despite the weather, the week’s looking up.

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